Friday, April 10, 2015

These 3 photos were taken during the Inclusive Education Forum Held at the Asian Institute of Management last January 21, 2015.  The drafted amendment on Inclusive Education (formerly called Special Education Act) was presented to the body, composed of Council of Children With Disabilities, DPT-Ed Advisory Board, PWD NGOs, PWDs representatives, Dept-Ed officials, NCDA, and all other government and non-government organizations.  One of the provision of the draft is to have all schools accessible to Students With disabilities.

During the forum, Ar. Jaime Silva volunteered the UAP Committee On Accessibility together with the Makati CBD Chapter, to help Dept-Ed in the conduct of walkthrough survey to determine how accessible these NCR Dept-Ed schools are accessible to Students With Disabilities.  Since Ar. Silva has gotten confirmation from Makati CBD Chapter President Ar. Richard Franco to help the Committee On Accessibility, he asked Ar. Vanessa Ledesma, a board member of the Makati CBD Chapter to join him in that forum.

Jaime Silva
Committee On Accessibility


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