Friday, April 3, 2015

Empowering Architects Towards the ASEAN Integration

Leading the forefront of empowering its members in the face of the ASEAN Integration, UAP architects should be equipped to take advantage of the opportunities and face the challenges of a borderless ASEAN. UAP must transcend borders first, as a community, to help level the field for our architects.

It is a rallying message for UAP as an organization and as individual members, to get outside the box and the confines of what we are comfortable with, both geographically and professionally.

The UAP in its 41st National Convention aims to ‘go beyond’: To empower architects by raising our voice in the local concerns on the RA9266; To help equip architects by providing means to be in a vantage position among foreigners in the global arena, especially in preparation for ASEAN 2015; To upgrade our level of service as a truly member-centric organization and enjoin members to mutually raise each and everyone to a higher level.

It is not about having individual power; it is about being empowered as an organization of Filipino architects. Essentially, the idea is to provide architects with what they need to be confident, competent and competitive in the arena of growing global professional collaboration.

Conference Themes

The Conference will address a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the ASEAN Integration The following main theme and sub-topics will be highlighted in the 3 day convention.

Empowering Architects for ASEAN Integration
Empowering the Architects for Resilient and Climate Responsive Design
Empowering Architects for Innovative Design Technologie
Empowering Architects to Design for the Future


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